Getting back on the road

Things are warming up here in Utah which means we’ve got the windows open often and all the reflectix pulled down, that was keeping the heat in and the cold out. According to the locals it’s been a mild winter. We’ve been enjoying all the weather the last few months; driving 45 min north for snow and 45 min south for desert hikes!

We made an addition to the bus – we adopted a cat! We got Monroe from a local animal shelter in Kanab, UT. He has adjusted to life in the bus really well however, we found out last week he prefers the bus be stationary!

Paul had the last few weeks off from school in between semesters and we wanted to take advantage of that time to do some traveling. So we started getting the bus ready to get back on the road, checking things out under the ‘hood’ and driving the bus around town. We took off last Saturday for Lake Powell which is about 160 miles from Cedar City. It took about 3.5 hours to get to our parking spot for a few nights at Lone Rock, where you can park right on the beach as close to the water as you can get. Of course for our 27,000lb bus that meant not all that close due to the soft sand. We actually saw several RV’s get stuck while we were there.

At least for now, Monroe is NOT a fan of traveling in the bus. He hid on a shelf for most of the time we were driving but once we stopped he got back to his regular routine of sun bathing!

While we were in the area we got to see Horseshoe Bend which was amazing! The whole landscape of the area was beautiful. After a few nights at Lone Rock we stayed in the Antelope Point area for a night; woke up and went kayaking the next day. We kayaked out to Antelope Canyon and hiked out to the end and back. It was awesome!

Sunrise view at Lone Rock as we rumbled out of the park at 6am. Sure our neighbors loved that!

Horseshoe Bend
Our view at Antelope Point.
Hiking Antelope Canyon

We said in our last post we would be doing a Q+A about bus life. That video will come with our next post. In the meantime, sharing a tour of our friends bus. Mark and Billy actually converted their bus at the same time, in the same town we did! Their build is beautiful and they did it in record time, over just a few months. Enjoy!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! So happy for the 3 of you😘😘😘😘

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