Will this project ever be finished?

The answer is no. We keep hearing that a house is never finished; there is always a project to be done. So we’ll go with that. 🙂 We have completed a lot of the left over projects we wanted to get done before getting on the road. All the work we’ve done inside the bus was finishing touches or adding storage space. Check out the pics below of all we’ve added!

We covered the front of the night stand with cedar to match the back wall.

We finally filled this corner with a dresser. We are really excited to have a place to put our clothes! This corner is wired so we have an outlet on top of the dresser.

The kitchen cabinets are finally done! We’re still working on keeping them closed while we drive. 🙂

Finishing the pantry this way was a last minute decision but we prefer to have the drawers open instead of having closed fronts.

We also installed a lot of trim pieces around the bus.

Since being in TN we had some diagnostic work done on the bus and from that, decided to replace a few parts before hitting the road. The hoses were all pretty old so Paul replaced them. The bus also has a new water pump, air compressor, thermostat and crank position sensors.

The new and old water pump.
An old hose.
With all the new parts in!
We also took the bus in to have the brakes done. Those two black and silver pieces under the left side of the bus are the brake drums.

Stay tuned for our next post from the road!

Skoolie Share: We met this couple and toured their bus at the Tiny Home festival in Orlando last year.

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  1. Looks awesome guys, really looking like quite the home. Always look forward to seeing your updates with the continued progress.


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