Week 75

We have finally moved on to underneath the bus. Paul made trays for our solar batteries and propane tanks that will hang underneath the bus. What you can’t tell from looking at the bus is that underneath it, there is actually a lot of space. We will also be adding a truck box underneath the bus for added storage.

Below is a picture of the propane tray that will hold two 20lb tanks. The tanks will be plumbed up into the bus to fuel the gas range and water heaters.

Below is the battery tray that will hold our 5 – 200 Amp hour batteries. Each battery weigh about 128lbs and once they are wired up they will power everything in the bus. This week we are starting to wire the batteries into the bus which will connect to the inverter.

The batteries wired together and mounted in place on the tray.
This is a shot of the batteries after they were mounted under the bus.

Installing the wood burning stove was a little nerve wracking because it required us to cut another hole in the roof of the bus. After cutting through the ceiling, insulation and eventually the metal roof, Paul was able to start fitting the flue in place. The whole process was a lot easier to do than anticipated.

The longest part of the flue is a stainless steel, double wall 3 inch pipe. Towards the top, there is a 5 inch insulated portion of pipe. Outside the bus where the flue exits the roof, Paul installed a high heat silicone collar that covers the opening and will keep rain out.

The finished product!

Interior walls are still going up! The front part of the bus has looked fairly finished for awhile now but beyond that, on the passenger side of the bus is still a work in progress. We’ve added walls to close in the fridge area, pantry, closet, and garage space.

Walls going up!
Putting up a wall to close off the garage space in the back.
Prepping the pantry space for drawers to be added.
We’ve also put up finishing pieces in the bathroom and have drilled out a space in the emergency exit door to install a lock.

Skoolie Share: We have not met this family however we came across them on Instagram and love the way their bus conversion came out! It’s very unique with several different features you don’t see in a lot of builds. Enjoy!

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  1. WOW, things are REALLY starting to come together. Your well thought out and constructed home looking good. Thank-you for the updates. Keep on keeping on! Take care and God bless.


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