Masonry and HVAC

Happy New Year! There has been lots of great progress on the bus so far this month. We hooked the bus up to city water and ran water to the sink and shower! Which means the shower fixtures are finally in!

We are very close to getting the air conditioner installed also. Below is a picture of the exterior portion of the unit that is mounted underneath the bus.

We’ve been working on getting the interior portion installed at the front of the bus. Paul built wood support posts that have been bolted to the metal shelf at the front of the bus. The wires and refrigerant lines run from the exterior portion underneath the bus, up through the floor to this shelf.

We’ve installed plywood onto the support posts and cedar planks on top of that to match the ceiling. The space behind this ‘wall’ will also house wires for the solar set-up; which has not been installed yet. Soon we will be installing the solar panels on the roof which will start the process of running those wires into the bus. Once that happens, we will mount the interior portion of the air conditioner and attach the wires, refrigerant lines and drain.

Our wood stove area has been covered with brick veneer and is getting grouted this week! Once that process is complete, we will start attaching the stove to that area and get the ceiling cut to fit the flue.

Other small additions that have happened with the bus include getting the screens installed on the windows plus a magnetic screen door to keep the bugs out!

We’ve slowly been installing finishing pieces around the bus; like the window frame covers below along with shiplap on the walls. We still have a lot of finishing pieces to add but it’s exciting to see it start going up!

And finally, we got the washer/dryer in the bus! Originally we planned a space in the bus and plumbed it for a washer/dryer, IF we ever wanted one in the future. But we quickly realized as walls went up that we wouldn’t be able to get the washer/dryer into the bus at all once more walls were installed. So we decided to go for it while we still could. It’s a ventless all-in-one unit; we’ve seen several other buses with it in their conversions and it has worked out well for them. Although the dry time is definitely longer than a traditional vented dryer!

Skoolie Share: We met Ryan at the Orlando Tiny Home Festival in November. He has a really unique build; very much a bachelor pad!

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