This week on the bus…

Hey guys! Hard to believe the end of the year is quickly approaching! And with it, our timeline for finishing the bus. It’s been busy since our last post and instead of trying to cover all the updates in a blog post; we’ve decided to give you a walk through tour of what’s currently happening in the bus. Check out the video below!

A few weeks ago we took the bus to the Orlando Tiny Home Festival. The event had 118 tiny homes there, with 40 of them being skoolies (converted school buses). It was great to meet new people and see old friends that we know from past festivals.

We basically ended up camping in the bus since our plumbing and bathroom were not in place in time. We had a lot of people come through to see the bus. It was great talking with everyone, answering questions and meeting people who are working on their own build! Here are a few snippets from the festival.

An overhead view of the skoolie area!

We took a time lapse video of the traffic in our bus- this was just Saturday!

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