Plumbing the Bus

We started the plumbing process with running pex piping from the point of where the hot water heater will go; which is under the kitchen sink. There will be two hot water heaters- one for the in-floor heating and one for the shower/sink. The floor piping has been run for some time; it was the rest of the bus that needed to get plumbed.

We ran the pex piping from the water heater (under the sink) along the floor and behind the wall. The pipes run under the emergency door where they tee’d off to the shower and towards the back of the bus. 

In the pictures below you can see the network of pipes that include:

– the city feed pipe (allowing the bus to use pressurized city water directly, instead of our tank)

– the tank fill line (through which we’ll fill our water tank)

– the tank vent hose (relieves pressure from filling and draining the tank)

– the exterior shower line (supplies water to the outdoor shower)

These pipes run around our water tank which is located under the bed and holds 200 gallons. We placed the water tank in this center location under the bed to help with weight distribution.

Between the tank and the wall, we have a 3.6 gallons per min (@ 50psi) water pump. The pump will feed the water through our filtering system before going to the showers and sink. We’ve also installed piping to give us the ability to drain the tank, if needed.

When it came time to test the pipes, we used a 130psi air compressor to pressure/leak test all the lines and fittings. We found no leaks!

We’ve picked up our grey water tank, that will attach underneath the bus. It can hold 90 gallons and will catch all the water from the sink and shower. We will not have a black water tank for our bus set up since we’ll have a composting toilet.

Here are a few pics of the shower walls and the pipes running to the shower head…..

CURRENTLY: We are building out the living space in the front of the bus and getting ready to tile the shower. We also touched up the exterior paint on the bus- pic below. Another post coming soon!

Skoolie Share: We haven’t met this couple but came across their tour recently and love how they’ve personalized the space for themselves and their pets!

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