Odds + Ends

Over the last month we’ve been working towards completing a few different projects. Most are still in progress or a piece of a bigger job but we wanted to share an update of what’s happening on the bus.

With all the electrical lines in place, we were able to get the wires hooked up to the breaker box and the transfer switch. The transfer switch will serve to automatically switch the power source going to the breaker panel (from either solar power or shore power/grid power).

We have power cables coming this week that will allow us to plug into shore power and actually run our ceiling fans!

The transfer switch is the lower box, breaker panel is the upper

Another work in progress is our plumbing. Our water tank finally came in and now that it’s in the bus we’re able to finalize water lines and placement of the water panel (below). In conjunction with getting the water tank in place, we’re getting dimensions finalized for our bed which is where the water tank will be housed beneath.

The water panel is where we’ll fill our water tank and hook up to city water.
Our 200 gallon water tank. There is just enough room in that space for a water pump and filter system.

Another project we’ve finished is the skylight in the shower. It adds 4 inches of headspace to the shower and lots of light!

In keeping with the theme of cutting holes in the bus, one last addition is an exterior outlet near the entrance of the bus.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be working on the plumbing system- getting holes cut in the tank, running water lines, testing the system and installing the water pump + filters. We’ll also continue sealing/painting the wood planks for the ceiling and work on building out the couch. Stay tuned!

Skoolie Share: Unlike all the other bus tours we’ve shared, we’ve not met this couple or seen their bus in person. We have followed their journey on YouTube and they have a beautiful unique bus!

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