Growing Up: Framing + Interior Walls

Time sure goes by quickly when you’re working with a deadline! In the past month, we’ve gotten 95% of the electrical wires run and in place, put in a few lines for plumbing, framed out the bathroom walls and installed walls down half of the bus.

Running the electrical wires pushed us to finalize where all the outlets and switches will go. We used a 120V AC system to power the outlets + appliances and a 12V DC system to power the switches, lighting, water pumps, and fans. Paul installed the 50Amp service outlet that will allow us to hook up and get power when we stop at RV parks or friends houses. Our breaker panel and ATS (automatic transfer switch) will be housed underneath the couch. We still have some cleaning up to do with the wires in the bus and getting them hooked up to the breaker. We are also still deciding what solar set up we’ll go with for our power needs but once we do, the inverter will go in that space also.

Future control center for the bus
Mocking up the couch to see how all the electrical will fit.
Wiring a junction box to power the office area, pantry and possible washer/dryer.
Junction box is ready!

The few plumbing lines we’ve installed are on the passenger side which is where the least amount of plumbing will happen in the bus. We decided to put in hook ups to have the option for a washer/dryer in the future. We’re also running plumbing for an outdoor shower in that same area.

Cutting a hole to install the outdoor shower.
The finished product!

The majority of the plumbing (sink, shower, water fill/city water hook up) will be on the driver side of the bus. We are currently waiting on our water tank to come in to get those sections of plumbing in place.

With the exception of the shower fixtures, all the framing for the bathroom area is up! It was really fun to get that done – one of those projects when it actually looks like progress has been made. It was a little challenging to get started as you want to make sure each piece of wood is “square”/90 degrees but the bus isn’t level or square to start with!

Paul trying out the shower space.

The last thing we worked on was putting up walls along the passenger side of the bus. We chose to use magnesium oxide boards which will act as a fire barrier between the spray foam. With each section of board, we cut it down to fit the area of wall it would cover and also put holes for outlet boxes along the way.

These walls will eventually get covered up.
Looking from the back to the front.

Here is a time-lapse of the projects:

Skoolie Share: We originally saw this bus back in November at the FL tiny home festival. The bus is a shorter one that was originally used by the Air Force but they’ve done a lot with the space!

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