Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Finally! It took some time and finagling but the insulation in the bus is done! The touch ups we needed were important ones and it took some time before the company could fit us in to do the work. The challenge was having the inside of the bus prepped and covered for whenever the insulation touch ups could get done. We didn’t want to pull all that down just to redo it so we left the inside ‘wrapped up’ and did what we could to the outside. Which means….

The bus is no longer yellow and we are loving the new color! However if we never see masking tape again it’ll be too soon. We still have some color and details to add but here is the bus with the top coat on it.

Since having the bus back we’ve gotten the tubing for the in-floor heating installed. In order to keep as much head space as possible, we made the decision to pull up the plywood and router into the foam underneath to install the heat lines.

We are SO thankful that the wood pulled up without major damage (to the wood or the foam) which meant we were able to use the existing materials.

The floor once the plywood was removed.
Once the top pieces of plywood were removed, the foam needed a little rearranging and then got glued back down. We used paver stones to help weigh things down.
Next we routered channels in the foam to create space for the metal flashing and pipes.
Then we cut the flashing to length and set the pipes in place. We placed weights on the corners and left them for a few days to settle.
Finally, we brought the plywood back in and glued it down.
The final product!

Sharing another skoolie tour of a couple we met at the March Tiny Home Festival. It’s a very detailed tour and a little long but if you’re interested, they have a beautiful finished product:

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