Insulation: Can you hear me now?

Getting the bus insulated has certainly been a process!
Prepping for the job meant covering the floors and windows but before that could happen there was a bunch of smaller stuff that needed to get finished.

Both ceiling fans have been installed and they along with the skylights have been framed out.

Here’s a video of what the bus looked like prepped for insulation:

The company we used to do the insulation was great, especially considering they’ve never insulated a bus before! The bus now feels (and sounds) totally different.

We’ve been in limbo for the past several weeks, waiting for a few areas of the insulation to get touched up; in the meantime we’ve been sanding the outside of the bus so we can get primer on it this week. And hopefully paint shortly after!

Once the insulation is 100% complete we’ll start framing walls and running the electrical and plumbing.

A few weekends ago we went to a tiny home festival in GA where Paul got to participate in a hands on workshop converting a school bus. The best part being, he was able to learn everything we need to run the electrical, plumbing and set up solar.

This was a fun couple we met at the festival and their bus conversion:

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