Weird Angles + Furring Strips

Well this was a project neither of us expected to take so long! We thought we could finish in 3-4 work days but it ended up taking 10.

To prep for this, Paul had to do a little cutting to remove a metal lip just below the windows. Once that was done, we used 2×4’s to frame the walls and plywood wood for the ceiling. We then installed them with adhesive and wood-to-metal screws.

This project required a lot of screws!
The beginning
The middle
The end

Fun fact about Thomas school buses like ours – starting at the bottom of the windows going up, the walls tilt inward. So those wood pieces had to be cut at an angle to maintain a flush surface to mount our walls to.

Check out that tilt!

For the ceiling we used two strips of 1/4 inch plywood. Because of the corner angles of the ceiling ribs, we put up long strips across the middle portion of the ribs; then in the corners we cut down smaller pieces of plywood to attach.

A few other things we need to do before the bus will be ready for insulation: install ventilation fans, frame the skylights and install wood blocks for interior wall framing.

Check out a video of the work:

I want to also share another bus tour from a couple we met at the Florida home festival back in November. They have a neat story and Roman is actually helping us with our electrical wiring in the bus. Enjoy!

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