Patience + Progress

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! The past few weeks of work on the bus seem to be creeping along; but it is happening! In between travel and the holidays, we’re getting closer to having the bus ready for insulation.

The floor plan for the bus is 98% done and pending appliance specs. With that information, we’ve been able to start closing in windows throughout the bus.

With some bus conversions, you see people pulling out all the bus windows and replacing with RV windows. There are definite pros and cons to the number of original bus windows you choose to keep. We love the look of the original windows along with how much light they bring into the space. However they are very drafty and don’t insulate well; and since we plan on living in the bus in Utah, we want to stay warm too!

Mapping out the floor plan has helped us figure out which windows will be covered up by closets, appliances, shower walls, etc.

We used galvanized steel for the material to replace the glass. For the full windows, we pulled out the window frames, scrapped out all the old sealant and set the steel in the empty window space. We then took the glass panes out of the window frame and used the frame to secure the steel in place. Then everything got sealed up.

There are a handful of windows that we’re only closing up halfway. For those, we pulled out the lower pane and replace it with a piece of steel. We don’t have a video of the process but there are before and after pics below.

An up close shot of the windows

We also wanted to share a bus tour of a family we met at the tiny home festival. Their build is an example of what a bus can look like when all the windows are replace with RV windows. They also raised their bus roof 20 inches. Enjoy!

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