Sub-flooring: To Frame or Not to Frame

When we were at the tiny home festival a few weeks ago, we got to see a guy named Mike, with Navigation Nowhere. We first met Mike, back in April while we were at the North Carolina tiny home event. His bus is beautiful and the craftsmanship is just really well done. Check out this tour of Mike’s bus:

From day one, Mike was really friendly and helpful with suggestions on the bus conversion. So when we found out he was going to be at the Florida festival, we were excited to ask him specific questions now that we’re in the midst of the build.

We’ve been going back and forth about whether or not to frame the insulation for the floor before laying down plywood. The other option would be to just glue the insulation directly down on the floor then glue the plywood on top. After talking with Mike, we’re framing the insulation to help wth the structural integrity of the floor. Especially once things start going in on top of the floors.

In the last week or so we’ve sealed up all the holes in the floor of the bus, measured out the framing, cut insulation and made puzzle pieces out of plywood. It was actually a really fun process!

It’s not all glued down yet as we’re choosing to take an extra step and seal the plywood before installation. That’ll be done over the weekend and next week we’re working on infloor heating – wish us luck! 

We also did some spot painting on the ceiling. Using Rustoleum in the corners and ribs to prevent future rust.

AND Paul pulled out the front roof hatch and made a skylight. It turned out great – its amazing how different it feels in the bus having that open space and light. 

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