Roof Paint and Floor Heaters

How is it the week of Thanksgiving already?! It’s been a few weeks since we shared an update because progress on the bus has been a little slower than usual.

In our last post, we had just put rust converter down on the floor. Once the rust converter finished curing, we painted two coats of Rustoleum enamel paint over top of that. We planned to give the paint a week or so to really cure and off gas which gave us a chance to focus on the outside of the bus.

Even though we removed the bus decals weeks ago, there was still adhesive left in many of those places. Using 90%+ isopropyl alcohol we were able to remove the adhesive fairly easily. We then sanded down the roof, washed it off and started the process of painting it. 

Adhesive from the decals

On the bus build forums, Paul read that most people we’re using one of two options for painting their roofs: an elastomeric paint called Tropi-Cool or Rustoleum. Because of the feedback online, we decided to go with Tropi-Cool. We finished painting several coats on the top of the roof and 1.5 coats on the front/back/sides before we stopped for the day. Of course, what followed was a mix of rainy and cloudy days that delayed the process of finishing the paint job. So one of the first things we’re finishing this week is the roof!

Beyond the roof, Paul went back to working on the floor heater that was pulled from the inside and mounted it underneath the bus.

Original location of the heater

The purpose of keeping the heater is to help maintain engine temperature in an emergency. He talks about the process in our video below. 

Another thing we did to help regulate the engine temperature was to add vents to the engine bay door to increase air flow.





























This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit a tiny home festival outside of St. Augustine. It was really great to meet all the bus owners and pick their brains with our build question; and of course see all the buses in person. Over the next few weeks we’ll share some of the buses we’ve had a chance to see and tour.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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