The walls are coming down

This past week was a milestone – it was our last week of taking things out of the bus!

Once the screws were out of the wall panels, Paul used an angle grinder to cut the panels just under the window ledge. With the panels off, we started pulling out the fiberglass.


We had to do a little spot sanding to remove the remaining adhesive on the walls. Once that was done we hosed down the inside of the bus. You wouldn’t believe how much dirt and hair is still stuck in places throughout the bus even though we’ve been working in there for weeks!

Since we’ll be working on sealing up different areas of the bus over the next few weeks, we sprayed down the outside of the bus to look for leaks in the windows and seams.

After the bus dried out, we painted rust converter all over the walls and floor. Once this dries, next week, we’ll put rustoleum on the floor.

The front and back (removed below) panels were also taken down.


Just hanging around.


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