Floor Part 2: Removing 20yr Old Adhesive

Once the rubber floors came out, we were left with a layer of dried glue. Our initial plan, was to use paint thinner to loosen the glue and then scrap it up. Fortunately we realized quickly, that was not the way to go.

Next we started using an angle grinder and a drill with a wire wheel brush. This worked MUCH better and moved the process along. The angle grinder definitely worked faster than the drill; although it was still taking us about an hour to get one panel of the floor cleaned off.

About halfway through, Paul borrowed his dad’s angle 7″ grinder. Until that point, we had been using a 4″ grinder. GAME CHANGER. The rest of the floor was finished up in no time.

Right: the grinder we started with; Left: the grinder we finished with

In the process of cleaning up the floors, we removed the floor heater that was bolted in near the emergency exit door. We had to drain out the coolant in the process – fortunately there wasn’t that much and we we’re able to do it without too much mess. The heater and hoses will eventually get routed under the bus to help with engine heat management.

Cleaning Floor07Cleaning Floor08

Cleaning Floor09
The heater hoses ran from the defroster in the front of the bus to the engine bay in the back.

We also had to remove the drivers seat to pull up the last pieces of the flooring. With the rubber gone, we were able to see structural gaps in the flooring that will need to be filled.

Here’s a time-lapse from the week:


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