Our first big project: removing the seats

Our first major job was to take out the seats which turned out to be easier than we anticipated.

First we took all the cushions off the frames and unbolted the seats from the walls. Paul was underneath using channel locks to hold the nuts in place while I was inside with a wrench & socket, unbolting the seats from the floor. Of the 26 benches, we were able to get 15 out that way.

The other weren’t able to be unbolted, mostly due to the position of the drivetrain and fuel tank that were in the way of getting to the bolts. For the 9 remaining benches, Paul used an angle grinder to remove the bolts.

Together the seats and cushions weighed almost 1100lbs. We were able to take the steel from the benches to sell at the scrap yard and for the 620lbs of steel we got $35!


24 benches = 880lbs of steel


Before getting rid of the cushions. Those cushions weighed 820lbs.
After dropping the benches at the scrapyard- so much space!

Next up – pulling down the ceiling and insulation.

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